What is STe³M? - Science, Technology, Engineering, (Enterprise, Environment) and Mathematics.

A programme to increase your child's choices and chances through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics combined with building enterprise skills and gaining a good understanding of our environment.


Why Do It?

To ensure that every student is encourages to:

  • Understand that this knowledge and understanding it all around us.
  • Recognise the career opportunities to which the STe³M subjects can lead.
  • Be at the forefront of change in the world around us.

What do we do at Bradfield?

Bradfield is a leading Sheffield school when it comes to STe³M. At Bradfield we have:

  • A teaching and learning pedagogy based around STe³M skills whereby students are encouraged to develop independent learning, teamwork, creativity and problem solving in all lessons.
  • Three STe³M lead teachers who work not only across our school developing opportunities but also with our feeder primary schools to raise awareness and involve students in STe³M projects.
  • Project based learning across key stage 3.
  • STe³M Clubs.
  • A programme for students to train as STe³M Ambassadors as part of the Cutler's "Made in Sheffield" project.
  • STe³M days specifically focused projects for years 7-9. With all students reflecting on skills and competencies and aiming to achieve the Cutler's "Made in Sheffield" Work-Wise Passport.
  • Regular visits to outside industry and presentations from outside speakers.
  • A wide range of enrichment activities for all year groups.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved have a look at these three websites.




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