Exam Results – Summer 2014

Congratulations to our students, and former students, on their excellent results in this year’s external exams.

Our first Sixth Form cohort performed outstandingly well, and has laid an excellent foundation on which to build for their A2 results next summer.

At GCSE we achieved two percent better results at the headline 5+ A*-C including English and Math’s, and equaled the best results we have ever had, in a year in which the national and local trend was down. 74% of our students reached this benchmark, and we are optimistic that after remarks this figure will be still higher.


Bradfield School GCSE examination results 2014


First Entry

Best Entry

% 5A*-C including English and Maths



% of pupils entered for Ebacc



% of pupils making expected progress in English



% of pupils making expected progress in Maths












The most recent results are published by the Secretary of State in the School Performance Tables on the Department for Education’s website.

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