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Bradfield School Ethos and Aims

Bradfield School is an excellent school that provides a high standard of education and care to the children entrusted to us. Our aim is that every child should be enabled to reach the maximum of their potential, and we should all strive to ensure that every child is happy to come to school every day.

Bradfield School’s ethos is that all students should be valued equally and therefore, whilst it is important to both students and parents that the very best examination results be achieved, it is similarly important that opportunities for success and enrichment are created for everyone, and that these successes are recognised, valued and used to enhance student self-esteem.

Our approach to behaviour and discipline, which are essential to create the optimum learning environment, emanates from these same principles: students must be given opportunities to take responsibility; mutual respect should be an expectation; and learning and the evaluation of its success has to be a process shared by teachers and students.

The need for high quality education is driven by the fact that the students we teach have only one chance at their education, and it is therefore mandatory that we get it right first time. This requires us to provide an environment in which every student achieves to the maximum of their potential; every student has access to a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum; everyone has the chance to make a positive contribution to school life; every person involved in the system feels valued; students become critical and active members of society; basic human virtues such as tolerance and equality are instilled and promoted, and become the basis for future conduct; a lifelong intellectual curiosity is inspired.



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